Where do you go if you want world class limousine service in Louisville?

Today Caralea Valley Reviews is doing a special report on Louisville limo service. Specifically we are going to try to answer the question: where do you go if you want world class limousine service in Louisville?

Limousine service is not the sort of thing we normally get involved in. Most people who read Caralea Valley Reviews on a regular basis do so to get our reports on local restaurants, and theaters, and concert venues, and things of that nature.

But of late we have been getting more and more requests from readers who are looking for quality transportation to local restaurants, and theaters and concert venues.

So our editorial board has decided to start providing limousine service reviews for certain select markets. And our first review will be of the limousine service offerings in Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville, of course, is a big city. It’s the largest city in the entire commonwealth of Kentucky, and the 30th largest city by population (612,000) in the United States.



It’s a city with many fine restaurants and a vibrant theater and concert scene. Many readers of the Caralea Valley Reviews live there, and many more travel to there, from time to time, from all around the United States.

It is primarily for these readers—for the ones who travel to Louisville from different parts of the United States—that we are writing this review of limousine service in Louisville.

The question we set out to answer was, where do you go if you want to find world class limousine service in Louisville?

And the answer is: you must go to a place called Limos in Louisville.

 We tried over twenty different limo services in Louisville, and rated each one on the basis of telephone service quality, response time, quality of transportation service, and ten other variables. And our conclusion shows that Limos in Louisville won hands down.

For all the specifics of what we discovered, please see this space tomorrow.