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At the beginning of 2017, we decided to take our newly acquired RV on a cross-country journey that would better let us see Americana and get a chance to tell you about places and things you might not otherwise encounter.

When our RV got into a bit of trouble in Georgia, we found http://24hourtowingatlanta.com and thanks to their invaluable services, it was merely a wrinkle and not a disaster.

We felt that while highlighting towing services was not our usual bill of fare, on this occasion, http://24hourtowingatlanta.com deserved a shout out!

Not The Best Of Circumstances

It was a rainy night as we passed the Route 285 Beltway around Atlanta while driving East on Highway 20. We were headed to a overnight trailer park just outside of downtown Atlanta.

Thump, thump, thump! We were suddenly faced with a bad rear tire and the RV shook very badly. Thankfully, we were able to get to the side of the road without incident. What to do next?

We had somehow managed to get stranded in one of the more sparsely populated areas with scarcely any civilization nearby.

This is when we used our wireless Internet connection to identify http://24hourtowingatlanta.com and as you will see, it all turned out for the best.

What To Do?

The Caralea Valley Review RV has a dual rear axle configuration which also utilizes side-by-side tires.

This means that we have a total of eight tires at the back of the RV. The wheel well is covered with part of the RV housing and we couldn’t really tell what was wrong with the tires visually, we only knew the vehicle was thumping and vibrating on the left side.

After we called the hotline at http://24hourtowingatlanta.com, a tow truck was dispatched in record time. The driver arrived practically before we got off the phone with the dispatcher.

It would seem there is a special trick to removing the faring that covers the wheel well on the tires and the driver from http://24hourtowingatlanta.com knew just how to do it.

In moments our tire array was exposed and we could visualize that one of the inside tires had become all torn up. This was not a job that could be repaired in the field. The tire needed to be replaced and working on duallies always entails more effort than with single axle vehicles.

The Hook Up

 The driver from http://24hourtowingatlanta.com immediately had a plan for his large wrecker to connect to our RV.

He positioned his wrecker in short order and had our vehicle hooked up in just a few minutes. There was plenty of passenger space in his roomy cabin to let us ride along with him as we proceeded to the 24 hour garage.

We got there in under fifteen minutes. Two alert and energetic young men wasted no time removing the outer tire and reaching the defective one.

Our RV design serves to distribute the weight of the vehicle over several tires. This means we can have a profile closer to the ground and use individual tires that are closer in specifications to large passenger car tires than truck tires.

Our blown out tire was a size the garage kept in stock and it was fairly affordable. We were up and running again in no time and it didn’t hurt our wallet too badly.

In Summary

 We drove over 2,000 miles before we experienced any breakdowns on our trip. We just plain got lucky that our first breakdown happened where a great service company http://24hourtowingatlanta.com was around to come to our rescue.

If you should ever require a tow service in the Atlanta area, you only need to remember one thing, http://24hourtowingatlanta.com.